The Quality Startup - Printed version

The Quality Startup - Printed version

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Anyone who has an interest in your start-up, in an expanded perspective where we include employees, partners, customers, users, suppliers, owners and the community around us, expects ever-higher levels of quality. To reach these quality levels, the products, services, and processes used to achieve them must be designed and improved in terms of the absolute best and highest quality imaginable.


Today it is no longer impossible to achieve perfection or excellence. It is often a necessity to compete in today's global economy, where your customers define and expect excellence.


Read, reflect, and work on the questions and worksheets in this book. It is an iterative process, so be prepared to go back and forth between the nine elements of the quality canvas. When you are done, you can set up a set of slides to present the results and bring this with you to the next investor meeting. I guarantee they will be impressed – and more likely to become a future investor.


Also – if you follow through and use the results in the continued operations of your business, you will have the perfect foundation for sustainable growth.

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